Four Factors to Consider Before Buying Body Cameras

There has been an increased urge for the use of body cameras by law enforcers in Australia for quite a while now. It is believed that the use of body cameras by police officers will increase both accountability and transparency for the actions taken by police as well as civilians.

Due to the great demand for body cameras by the police departments in Australia, many companies have emerged with the sole purpose of manufacturing and distributing body-worn cameras. As a result, there are plenty of things to consider before buying a given kind of body camera.

Tips on buying body-worn cameras

  • Ease of use

A body camera is usually deployed in emergency cases where there is no time to waste in putting it ready for recording. Thus, the body cameras that you choose should have a simple-to-locate start button that an officer can press without even looking at the camera. This allows an officer to focus on the danger he is facing while at the same time recording the incident.

After the incident has been recorded, the officer should be able to easily download those videos, label and store them in a safe database for future use.

  • Resilience

An excellent body camera needs to be highly durable and capable of withstanding strong impacts as a result of falling or even being stepped on. Moreover, a body camera should be able to perfectly operate in all kinds of weather conditions because an emergency may arise at any time of the day.

As much as the camera needs to be tough, it should not be too heavy to carry around as it may slow down the officer and cause fatalities in a deadly circumstance.

  • Placement options

Different body cams for security offer different modes of placement. For instance, there is a type of body camera that can either be placed on the chest, shoulder or helmet. Each of the positions has its advantages and disadvantages and it is upon the users to decide which location fits them. However, you need to keep in mind that a body camera cannot record all the events so you must focus on the most important ones.

  • Price

You also need to be wary of the cost of purchasing body cameras. The price will vary depending on the type of camera brand you select. It is crucial to come up with a suitable budget plan to avoid striking an impossible deal with a body camera manufacturing firm. The more cameras you acquire, the greater your chances of getting discounts.

Benefits of body cameras

Here are a few advantages of body-worn cameras:

Keep evidence

When the camera is deployed in an incident, it will record all the evidence needed to prosecute someone. Remember that cameras act as the officer’s third eyes. Although an officer can forget about the exact thing that transpired in a given incident, the camera will show everything as it was.

Improve accountability

The Australian government is pushing for the use of body-worn police cameras because they believe that the cameras will increase accountability in various police departments. This will create trust between the law enforcers and the civilians keeping in mind that everyone knows all their actions are being recorded. If this project is applied to the entire nation, then the bribery cases would be put out of the question for good.

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