Our suggestions for effective wage negotiations

Good preparation and research
Prepare yourself well for the interview. Research the minimum wages in your branch, check at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office how high the gross wages in your professional category are and calculate the desired monthly and annual gross wages. Calculate the income that you actually need to provide for your livelihood; in doing so, be realistic and take into account average wages.

Support the argument with measurable results
Document your last year’s performance with concrete results and motivate your salary request with valid arguments. Demonstrate what contribution you make to the success of the company and why you are a valuable collaborator. Concrete examples of the results recently obtained are an excellent support for your requests.

Never make a proposal first
Wait for the boss to make a proposal. If this is not possible, proceed in this way: underline once again your experience and list your results at work. Then illustrate your goals within the company, and only at this point make a concrete request.

Be patient
Accept the proposal of your superior calmly, giving yourself a few moments to carefully draw up a counter proposal. In doing so, use the same tactics listed above: talk about your qualities and your goals at work, and only then put forward the salary proposal.

Don’t turn a salary negotiation into a discussion
Always show confidence in yourself and stay professional in any case. Try not to express too much emotions and stay detached, showing your best poker face.

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