What to do and what to avoid for effective wage negotiations

Swiss employees must finance their existence with their salary, which is why wage negotiations are often an emotionally charged topic. Those who believe they earn too little not only feel hurt in pride, but probably can’t even lead the life they want. Even if in Switzerland the aim is to make the level and the equal pay even more homogeneous, in most cases the salary and its increase are subject to negotiation. In this article, we share some tips with you for conducting an effective wage negotiation.

Average wages change according to the canton, sector and experience

Before going into the suggestions, ask yourself first: “What salary am I entitled to?” To answer this question, it is worth analyzing the average wages. Did you know that an installer earns an average of CHF 5,656 per month in Switzerland? And an administrative or office employee CHF 5,979.–? Of course, wages vary by canton, sector and experience. However, wage negotiations can make a big difference in Switzerland. Do you find that your salary is high enough, in comparison with those listed above?

If the answer is no, then you will certainly find a salary interview with your boss “rewarding”. If the thought makes you nervous, dealing with it with a nonchalant attitude generally helps. We therefore explain to you what you absolutely must avoid in the negotiation for the increase in your salary.

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